2019.07.01 Posted
The cover art of the Blu-ray “Gira Gira Chotokkyu” (Aug. 8th on sale), released!!!!!!
●Variety Blu-ray
Gira Gira Chōtokkyū


【Release Date】
Thursday, August 8th, 2019

The program named after BULLET TRAIN (in Japanese) “Gira Gira Chotokkyu” distributed online from Yahoo! JAPAN from Dec. 18th 2018, will become a Blu-ray disc. “Gira Gira Chotokkyu” is a variety program recording the growth of BULLET TRAIN, passionately challenging themselves with several unique missions to blossom into an even more attractive artist, bursting with ambition.
The cover art for this Blu-ray package including all 12 episodes, is going to be a photograph of the Gira Gira Sentai CHOTOKKYUGER exclusively taken for this product.

Trading cards of CHOTOKKYUGER will be randomly included as a bonus gift for the first-pressed editions.

Product Number:ZXRB-3050-51
Price: ¥8,640- tax in (¥8,000- tax ex.)
Format: 2 Blu-ray discs

<Recorded Content>
#1 [The raging host’s prank show]
#2 [Ordeal Karaoke –naturally, artists should be able to sing at any situation!]
#3 [Ordeal Karaoke 2 –what lies ahead of the remaining 3 members!?]
#4 [6 on 1 wrestling! –to become the tough guy!]
#5 [Wait for Me! ¬–“track” and field]
#6 [Who has true taste?! –“The man who understands the difference” championship]
#7 [Serious playing –“how’s this COP” championship]
#8 [BULLET TRAIN Cuisine –who’s the best cook?]
#9 [Aiming the best in Japan! –unique local competitions championship]
#10 [Film a Sentai Hero-ish opening video!]
#11 [The super hard hurdle… Memorize in a jiffy! Dance battle]
#12 [At last! The phantom food reportage project –the unexpected final episode]
※Runtime:227 minutes

<The first-pressed edition enclosed bonus>
[Chotokkyuger Trading Card]
1 card out of 15 designs will be randomly enclosed.
*15 designs=14 types of normal cards (2 types of solo cards for each member and 2 types of a group shot) + 1 rare card