2018.11.09 Posted
An advance release of tracks from “GOLDEN EPOCH” on LINE MUSIC
A special plan to get and listen to full versions of the latest tracks from BULLET TRAIN’s new album “GOLDEN EPOCH”, quicker than anywhere else, has been announced!
Throughout the 9 days just before the release of the full album, from Monday, November 5th to Tuesday, November 13th, 9 tracks from the album will be released ahead of time, 1 track each day, on LINE MUSIC (excluding “need you” and the single CD title tunes). Entitled, “The Countdown Release to GOLDEN EPOCH”. Which song to be released when, is a surprise. Download the app “LINE MUSIC” now, and get ready for the count down!

*LINE MUSIC is a music streaming service. First time users can register for a 3 month free trial.

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Monday, November 5th – Tuesday, November 13th 2018

■Tracks concerned (not in order of release)
Rin u
Full moon
You know, I know
ChoTokkyuDesu!!!!!!!! (Album ver.)
Time of GOLD
Hachi go sha ton outa