2018.09.18 Posted
Details of the FC Edition of GOLDEN EPOCH revealed!
Short versions of the Music Videos that will be included in the FC Editions of their 3rd album GOLDEN EPOCH, due to be on sale November 14th, have been released!
This album is talked about for the showdown format; the members split into two units, each create an original tune and MV to go with it and record them in different editions, and the awaited clips are totally crazy, going way up and beyond our imagination.
They’ve come up with unique storylines on unexpected sounds which is definitely a must-see!

KAI, RYOGA and YUUKI named their unit Shiisa☆Boys, and their song “INOKINAWA” is a hot sunny tune based on the Okinawa folk song style, with the sound of the sanshin ringing in the air.
In the video, the three find themselves jumping into the bright sunny world of Okinawa, as if in some role playing game, with a bit of a love story(!?) with a local beauty, singing and dancing the Eisa; a traditional performing art of Okinawa.
However, in real life they are in their room, cramped and dimly-lit.
The sight of them dancing happily with their VR goggles on is surreal, indeed, and very RYOGA-ish; totally indoor person, self-entitled otaku.

On the other hand, TAKUYA, YUSUKE and TAKASHI named their unit Za Bushido, and decided to compete against them with a song titled “TsundereChibiOhji”.
It’s a very typical nostalgic Japanese pop-song that reminds us of the showa era, featuring Tsundere=TAKUYA, Chibi=YUSUKE and Ohji=TAKASHI, and the fantastic song singing lyrics with hidden real feelings and some self-torture woven in is electrifying.
Hoping to catch your heart by “Gap-Moe”, their MV is made in drama style as well, wearing hakama with their hair in a topknot like an old fashioned young samurai.
The acting part, making full use of their experience as actors is also a point worthy of note, assuring you will be rolling on the floor laughing by the end of the 6 minute spectacular masterpiece.

Visual images, costumes, unit names, lyrics, choreography, the MV, everything was developed by the members themselves. By coincidence or destiny there are scenes of them crying out their love, craving for your attention, in both videos.
Also, both units decided to divide the vocal parts among all members, so you will hear rare singing of the 5 backup dancers as well. How highly skilled all of them are in singing is another must-listen point to note.

Trailers will be updated on the special website for the album, too, so don’t miss it!

Moreover, it has been decided that a vote by fans will be held, and the winner unit will perform their song live at the special event for FC Edition purchasers only on November 23rd, and the other unit will have to seal their song. The battle with the stake of the 2 units’ fate depends on you.

== Comments from members ==

★RYOGA (Car 3) ★ (leader of Shiisa☆Boys)
The souls of KAI, YUUKI, RYOGA and the soul of Okinawa dwells in this song…
Icharibachode. Dear brothers and sisters. Let us see the light of victory.
The Short Ver. only is all we can show publicly. How I wish to deliver the whole story… Please, yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

[Za Bushido]
★TAKASHI (Car 7)★ (leader of Za Bushido)
There is no way we can lose this unit battle!
A song of three nerds trying to catch the attention of a girl they like, from the bottom of their heart!
Please! Vote for TsundereChibiOhji!
TsundereChibiOhji, yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

Music Video URL
★Shiisa☆Boys “INOKINAWA” Music Video Short ver.

★Za Bushido “TsundereChibiOhjij” Music Video Short ver.

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