2018.09.12 Posted
TAKUYA STYLE BOOK will be on Sale!!!!

<Comment from TAKUYA>

I’m publishing my first solo Style Book in collaboration with NYLON.
The shooting took place at all sorts of places, mainly in New York City.
It’s become my beloved piece, filled with so many things I’ve always wanted to do.
Look Forward!

TAKUYA, going through with the first half of his 20’s, is expressing the process of growing into a “man” (both physically and mentally), through four sub-themes: fashion, beauty, culture and private under the main theme “growth”.

It is the first STYLE BOOK to totally link the book with websites, video, SNS, and events.
It will be on sale on TAKUYA’s 24th birthday; November 24th.
Plus, a special event with TAKUYA will be coming up on November 25th.
Also, a limited edition with an exclusive cover will be released as well.
Further details on the exclusive cover will be released soon, so look forward!!

Set in NY. They have pressed ahead a special shooting against backgrounds of the superb views and streets emerging with power of Manhattan, and Brooklyn.
These feature pages will make you feel like you’re traveling NY with TAKUYA.

How in the world does TAKUYA stay so beautiful all the time?
The answer is all here. Filled with outstanding images you’ve never seen before.

Unique contents, in collaboration with several popular artists and TAKUYA.
At last, he becomes a part of art.

Things he likes, his vaunted, bedhead, a super long interview of his life, selfies from his daily life, etc…
Super private contents that will surely make you feel close to TAKUYA.

Check out the details here!