2018.11.12 PostedNEW
BULLET TRAIN 7th Anniversary Special Live at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN™ BULLET TRAIN will mark their 7th anniversary on December 25th, and they’re celebrating with a special live at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN™!!!!!! Let’s share this special day together with BULLET TRAIN♪ We await your boarding! <DATE> Tuesday, December 25th, 2018 OPEN/9:30am START/10:45am *The show is scheduled […]
2018.11.09 PostedNEW
A special plan to get and listen to full versions of the latest tracks from BULLET TRAIN’s new album “GOLDEN EPOCH”, quicker than anywhere else, has been announced! Throughout the 9 days just before the release of the full album, from Monday, November 5th to Tuesday, November 13th, 9 tracks from the album will be […]
2018.10.05 Posted
A romantic adventure via voice…!!! My ambition I’ve been claiming since the beginning of the year…!!! “GARI-PLAY channel”!! Galvanically born today!!! Just a day off, an ordinary hobby, but I’m gonna share and enjoy it together with me amigos. So please, take a seat, sit back and enjoy. The skill of a former world ranker. […]
2018.09.18 Posted
Short versions of the Music Videos that will be included in the FC Editions of their 3rd album GOLDEN EPOCH, due to be on sale November 14th, have been released! This album is talked about for the showdown format; the members split into two units, each create an original tune and MV to go with […]
2018.09.12 Posted
<Comment from TAKUYA> I’m publishing my first solo Style Book in collaboration with NYLON. The shooting took place at all sorts of places, mainly in New York City. It’s become my beloved piece, filled with so many things I’ve always wanted to do. Look Forward! ——————- TAKUYA, going through with the first half of his […]
2018.09.03 Posted
Exceed the era A new album that assures you their promising future, a prelude to their upcoming Arena tour starting from Saitama Super Arena on December 7th, 2018. When all the colors shine, is when the next age to come. 【Title】 GOLDEN EPOCH 【Release Date】 November 14, 2018 【Product Outline】 ●5 Versions : First Press […]
2018.08.24 Posted
Watch BULLET TRAIN fully enjoy delicious Thailand gourmet! “Rail Travel for Thailand Gourmet with BULLET TRAIN” will be on the air, starting this October! You definitely can not miss to see the members, enjoying their journey communicating with the locals. Were they able to accomplish all the “travel missions”!? We’ve also tried an episode with […]